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CHRONO is a list dedicated to discussions on the topic of ancient chronology, the biblical period in particular--or the Bronze and Iron Ages, in archaeological terms.

The list is open to supporters of conventional chronologies as well as those who wish to investigate, propose, discuss or debate alternative chronological arrangements for the events of antiquity (Velikovsky-type revisions, for example).

For the purposes of this list, the cutoff date after which history is no longer considered "ancient" is 1 BCE, but the focus should really be pre-Alexandrian.

This is not a list for the discussion of catastrophist theories or other theories of cosmology and/or natural history. Insofar as possible natural events may have played a part in the chronologies of ancient nations, they are a fit subject for discussion, but if the focus appears to be drifting too far towards catastrophism, as such, the participants will be asked to take their discussion off of the list. There are other lists more appropriate for that.

List members are requested not to post articles that are inordinately long. Rather, if you have such an article that you wish to share, you should post a rough abstract of the article and a note telling other members where they may obtain a copy of the full article. This may be an offer to e-mail copies to members who request, or a pointer to a web page or FTP site where the article may be downloaded by those who wish. This is a matter of courtesy to other list members.

On the topic of courtesy, please do not engage in personal attacks on this list. Little more needs to be said about this other than the fact that the listowner has the right to unsubscribe anyone crossing the line into rudeness. Any complaints about other members may be sent to the listowner directly.